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Uno Full Face Snorkelling Mask

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The Ocean Reef Uno full face snorkelling mask is an awesome way to explore the water! 

The Uno takes the ever popular full face snorkel design and adds safety through their patented and independently tested air flow system. See, the biggest concern with Full face snorkel masks is CO2 retention from when you're breathing or perhaps working hard in a bit of current. Many of the bargain full face masks mix your exhaled air with what you breathe in, massively increasing CO2 levels, which has the potential to cause you to pass out! 

The Uno's design separates the 'in' and 'out' areas that you breathe through using the same kind of valves found in SCUBA equipment, which ensures you always get clean, fresh air when you inhale! 

As an added bonus, this design also ensures that fresh air flows over the inside of the lens as you breathe, giving you a fog free experience! 

The Uno also has a 'dry top' snorkel, so if you duck under the water you're not going to have your mask fill up with water. 

Size Info

Sizing is important with Full Face snorkel masks so if the distance between the bridge at the top of you nose, and the bottom of your chin;

  • is between 10cm and 11.5cm - choose the S/M
  • is more than 11.5cm, choose the L/XL!

For kids, if they're smaller than 10cm please check out the Mares Sea Vu mask which has a very similar, safe design but also comes in XS.