Twin Jet Fins

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Kick, kick, kick.... sometimes kicking is just hard work, especially if you have a rigid paddle blade fin and don't really need all that power. 

Split fins are a increasingly popular answer to exactly that situation, and the Scubapro Twin Jet fins are one of the longest standing designs out there! 

Split fins massively reduce the resistance of finning, which is something that your leg muscles will thank you for! The split hydrofoil shape of the blade allows water to flow between and around the 'split', which allows each of the twin blades to flex on independently. This means that you get a powerful fin with minimal effort. 

  • Durable Monprene construction will last a lifetime of active diving.
  • Patented split fin propeller technology produces lots of propulsion with minimal effort.
  • Drag-reducing vents where foot pocket and blade meet radically decrease drag on both up and down strokes.
  • Foot pocket's extended soleplate allows you to maximize the amount of energy you expend on each kick without wasting energy.
  • Extra-wide foot pocket is ideal for wearing with drysuit or semi-dry suit boots as well as standard warm-water boots.
  • Quick-connect swivel buckles allow for easy donning and doffing. Spring heel straps are optional.