Spectra Dry Snorkel

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Picture the scene - you're snorkelling along the coastline, having an awesome time watching all the marine life do its thing. You decide to duck dive down to take a closer look at something interesting, maybe you've seen a cool little crack you want to take a look at, or there's an eagle ray you want a photo of. You come back to the surface and...cough couch splutter! You've totally forgotten that your snorkel fills up with water when submerged and tried to breathe seawater!

A 'dry' snorkel, just like this Scubapro Spectra Dry is the perfect solution to this problem! The Spectra Dry has a 'dry top' design, which closes off the snorkel when you submerge. Sure, you might get a little water inside the breathing tube but not much! 

 Tech Info
  • Large-bore upper tube with dry top is designed for dry and easy breathing.
  • Corrugated silicone lower tube allows the mouthpiece to hang out of the way when breathing off a regulator.
  • Purge valve, positioned at the lowest point, takes care of any water that might enter the airway.
  • Regulator-style mouthpiece offers good bite tabs for a comfortable fit, ideal for extended snorkeling adventures.
  • Quick-connect clip makes it easy to attach or remove snorkel from mask strap.