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Solomon Islands Wreck Trip 2020!

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Unspoiled and virtually untouched, the sparkling crystal clear waters surrounding the Solomon Islands provide a visual feast for divers. Home to over 900 islands, explore remote dive sites and discover WWII wrecks, unexplored pristine reefs, caverns, lush soft corals, and amazing underwater marine encounters. In some places you will be the only divers around for miles.

Join us for an epic 10 dive trip, departing Auckland on 02/06/20 and returning on 09/06/20!

Tell me about the Solomon Islands?

The Solomon Islands are comprised of more than 990 islands just south of the Equator. The island range from large landmasses with rugged mountains and virgin forests, to low lying coral atolls. They are scattered in a double chain of islands covering 1.35 million sq km of sea and extend for 1.667k, in a south-easterly direction from Papua New Guinea. The country’s capital, Honiara, is situated on the north-west coast on the island of Guadalcanal. Virtually untouched by commercial development, the island group remains a natural paradise.

The climate is tropical. The average daytime temperatures are usually 26-33oC and drop down to 22-26oC at night. The light south east trade winds blow from April to November. This time of the year is characterised by fine dry weather. December to March is the “wet” season – the north west monsoon.

During the Second World War the Solomons became the key turning point in the desperate and bitter struggle by allied forces to repel the Japanese advances in the South Pacific. Most of the fighting was concentrated off the mainland Guadalcanal area and around Tulagi in the neighbouring Floridas Islands.

The violent days are long gone now. Today, soaring mist enshrouded mountains preside above dense, abundant rainforest, Waterfalls and rivers cascade to an intricate coastline. Villages and sun soaked golden beaches fringed with coconut palms lie scattered around lazy lagoons.

Mother Nature weaves her watery spell amongst the wrecks of World War II. The machines and relics destruction now form artificial reefs that have attracted masses of fish and an incredible variety of coral. You will experience an extraordinary array of differing structures and bio-assemblage; including Shallow and deep coral gardens with magnificent drop-offs, ledges and gutters, sharks, all manner of light game fish and an enormous range of reef fish. Turtles and, mantas and eagle rays are common sights, together with friendly Hammerheads. Solomon Islands diving has gained an enviable world-wide reputation that’s unsurpassed. Throughout these magic islands is an endless variety of dive sites to suit all tastes and levels of experience.

We'll be staying on and diving around Tulagi!

Tulagi is a central port-of-call for divers around the world. Unspoilt reefs, caves and tunnels, drop offs, soft corals and giant sponges are surrounded by an abundance of tropical marine life. It’s also the go-to place for spectacular WWII wreck dives: sea planes, a mine sweeper and destroyers. Apart from the amazing diving, you can also soak up the rich history and culture associated with Tulagi.

What's the diving like?

This is a trip for experienced and adventurous divers. In reality, you need to be certified to 40m to really enjoy the wrecks that are here. Not quite there yet? ask us about our training and experience building packages that we are doing for this trip! 

In these beautiful waters around Tulagi some of the worlds best diving is to be found, from pristine reefs to spectacular WWII wrecks. The Floridas can offer you just about anything you could ever want to see.

Want some wrecks? Tulagi is the place to go. Two Seaplanes, one Mine sweeper, one Oil Tanker and the Destroyer “Aaron Ward” are just waiting for you.
Want a cave? At Twin Tunnels you can descend through two vertical openings and emerge 35m below to watch gray reef sharks cruising through big schools of Fusiliers.

Also surrounding Tulagi is a large number of unspoilt reefs, soft corals, drop offs, huge fans, and giant sponges all packed with an abundance of tropical marine life.

What about non divers?

For the non-diver there are options to snorkel, hike, kayak, bird-watch, go fishing, village visits or take a guided tour around the WW2 sites which still remain and more. However, we'll be honest - this is really a trip for the dedicated diver that wants to dive and explore some epic locations, not really one to bring the whole family to. 

So what's included?

Return flights with Virgin - Auckland to Brisbane, then Brisbane to Honiara and back again! 

10 boat dive package per person (inc single tank, weight and air).

Twin share accom.

Airport transfers & Return boat transfers to Tulagi from Honiara. 

Group BBQ on last night of trip.

What's not included?

Equipment rental - bring your own, hire from us or rent at the dive shop in Gili T. 

Nitrox is available at additional cost.



Anything else that's not included in the 'whats included' paragraph above!

How do I book?!

Just send us a quick message to let us know you're keen, and we'll send you a little more trip info, grab some details and then put you in touch with our booking agent. Pay your deposit and then you're on! Alternatively, just book using the button above if you're already 100% in!

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