FS2 Retractor Compass

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Are you a travelling diver? Need to know where you're going no matter where you dive?

The Scubapro FS2 is a clever bit of kit. Using a unique floating magnet design this compass can be used in both Northern and Southern hemispheres, unlike most compass' which are restricted to one setting. The FS2 also has a substantial 35 degree tilt axis, reducing the chance of you locking up the compass while trying to read it. 

This particular version has a retractor which simply clips to your BCD, so you can pull the compass out to use and let it sit nice and tidy when not needed. 

Tech Info
  • Scratch-resistant and durable oil-filled polycarbonate case.
  • Highly luminous dial for easy reference in low light conditions.
  • Side view window for easy and accurate navigation.