C-1 Compass

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You know that feeling - you signal to your buddy that it's time to turn the dive. They give you a big 'ok' sign like a good buddy does, and indicates that you should head 'left'. You shake your head, because you're absolutely convinced that 'right' is the way back to the boat. Oh.

The Scubapro C-1 compass is a compass for the diver that doesn't really want a compass. Wether it's the added bulk, cost or confidence that stops you from investing in a full scale compass, this little beauty is perfect for you.

Attaching to either the strap of your dive computer or to your Scubapro instrument console, the C-1 gives you a clear indication of the direction you're heading in. Sure it's not as precise as a full scale dive compass but, for general orientation it can't be beat!

* one compass is included - two are shown so you can see the variations!