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The Mares Pure SLS BCD gives you the freedom to explore. 

This rear inflation BCD creates a stable platform for you while diving, helping to keep you flat and in trim while you enjoy your diving. The streamlined torso area that comes with rear inflation can't be underestimated yet this BCD still manages to have a full specification weight integration system. 

There's a roll down cargo pocket so that you have storage when you need it, but keep that streamlining for when you don't. A great mid range BCD choice! 

Tech Info
  • Comfortable and stable back buoyancy BC with 18kg lift (40 lbs)
  • Streamlined
  • Swivel shoulder buckles
  • Smart trim weight positioning
  • SLS weight system
  • Roll-down cargo pocket
  • Waist strap allows maximum adjustability
  • Customizable and travel friendly
  • Visual confirmation of proper weight pouch insertion