Open Water Essentials Package - Silver

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Packages are a great way yo grab yourself that essential dive gear while saving a few dollars at the same time! 

We believe in choice for you here at Waiheke Dive & Snorkel; we want you to get the right gear for you as a diver so that you can have years of enjoyable diving!

With our Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Boots packages we give you exactly that by letting you choose from any Scubapro mask in the range. Prefer black silicone? There's an option for that. Prefer twin lenses? Not a problem! 

Looking for a more budget conscious package, and willing to trade some customisation and big brand gear for a smaller upfront cost? Check our our Bronze package! Or do you want upgraded fins for more power and comfort? Check out the Gold package!

Package Contents

Any Scubapro Mask - click here to view the range

Scubapro Spectra Snorkel has been designed in a range of colours that perfectly match the Spectra and Spectra mini masks, so that you can keep your gear all colour coded! 

  • Semi-dry top design to minimise water ingress
  • Large bore tube for easy breathing
  • Flexible corrugated joint to keep the snorkel out the way when not in use
  • Comfortable 'regulator style' mouthpiece
  • Purge valve for easy clearing

Scubapro Jet Sports fins are ideal if you want a fin that doesn't break the bank, is powerful enough to deal with NZ diving conditions and is comfortable.

The paddle blade provides the power to push you through the water, yet it's flexible enough not to cause your legs to work too hard. The foot pocket forms to your feet for comfort and there's a non-skid pattern on the underside to keep you stable on the boat!

  • Three-material blade construction optimises flex to maximise kicking performance.
  • Drag reducing vents substantially decrease resistance on both up and down strokes.
  • Big blade generates a powerful response in the water and improves stability and manoeuvrability.
  • Ergonomic foot pocket moulds to your foot for total comfort during long dives.
  • Quick release buckles simplify strap adjustment and make donning and doffing easy.
  • Effective non-skid pattern protects against slips on wet surfaces.
  • Extra-small sizing is ideal for smaller feet and young divers.

Pro Dive 5mm Dive Boots! 

Here in NZ waters, boots are pretty much an essential not only because of our temperate climate but also because the shore diving can be pretty great too. With a good, solid pair of dive boots like these ones from Pro Dive, you'll be even more tempted to get in the water as often as you can! 

  • 5mm neoprene for warmth and protection
  • Ankle zip makes getting these on and off easy as
  • Rubber sole for grip and protection on the rocks