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Local Boat Dive Day

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Hop on a local boat dive and explore some of the great dive sites that can be found around Waiheke, that just can't be accessed from shore! There are underwater pinnacles, rocky reefs and drop offs that can be full of life! 

Local boat diving is the best way to explore the waters around Auckland. We charter a local dive boat monthly so that we can explore. If these dates don't suit your needs, then just get in touch and we can talk about custom charter options.

What happens?

You'll meet us at the shop at the booked time for your dive or dives. First we'll  complete the required paperwork, show proof of certification and hire any equipment that you need. We then go down to the boat ramp where we assemble our gear, load it onto the boat and board ourselves! 

We head out on one of the locally owned RHIBs, which are perfect for diving. They're fast, agile and even able to load divers from the beach if we need to! The skippers are all experienced with divers needs and, of course, hold all the relevant qualifications.

We'll choose the particular dive sites for each trip based on the weather conditions on the day itself. These trips are two dive trips! 

Generally these trips are suitable for all levels of qualified diver. We do run dedicated trips to deeper dive sites for suitably qualified and experienced divers, but these will always be clearly stated so you don't book onto the wrong boat trip! 

If you have a buddy that's booked on too then awesome! If not we're more than happy to buddy you up with a similarly experienced and qualified diver so everyone has a great time.

Please note that, generally, these dives are 'un-guided' so you dive in buddy pairs. If you specifically want a guide then just get in touch, but there may have to be an additional charge depending on staff availability.

Why explore with us?

We want you to enjoy your day of diving as much as possible so we do everything we can to make the process as smooth as possible. Our skippers are fantastic and hold a huge amount of knowledge about diving and the local waters. 


Simply book online, and soon after you'll get a confirmation email from the team along with some specific info. You'll need to let us know if you have any gear hire requirements (to be paid separately), provide proof of your certification and experience levels and complete the appropriate medical and liability release forms.

You will be expected to dive within your certification and experience levels at all times, and to dive in a safe, responsible manner as per standard safe diving procedures.

It's a requirement of these trips that you carry a safety sausage or DSMB

Please see here for all terms and conditions of your booking.

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