Hybrid Pocket Shorts

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Ok, hear us out on this one! Yes, wearing neoprene shorts with pockets over your current wetsuit seems like a strange idea. I know, I know....

If you're a diver that needs to carry accessories and gear underwater, then where do you put them? Cameras, buoys, torches, reels, slates and measures all need homes. Do you want all these things dangling from your BCD, getting caught in every piece of kelp? It's even worse if you're a diver with a Wing system as there are no pockets!

Enter the Scubapro Hybrid Pocket Shorts! Made from 1mm neoprene, these shorts are worn over your current wetsuit (or on their own if you're lucky enough to be diving somewhere super warm) and provide storage on both thighs. The have a reinforced seat area for durability and a drawcord for the perfect fit. 

Plus, don't forget all Scubapro neoprene is made from "X-Foam"! X-Foam is a limestone based neoprene which is 100% petroleum free. It's warmer, lighter, more flexible and better for the environment compared to traditional neoprene so you can feel great about your choice.