Heavy Duty 6.5mm Boots

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Are you a diver who does a lot of shore diving? Likes to scramble over the rocks to find that awesome rarely explored space? Or are you in the water for a living and need something hardy to protect your feet?

The Scubapro Heavy Duty 6.5mm boots are designed for exactly those needs. The extra tough sole is designed to give you loads of protection and grip, while the thick neoprene keeps your feet warmer for longer. 

Plus, don't forget all Scubapro neoprene is made from "X-Foam"! X-Foam is a limestone based neoprene which is 100% petroleum free. It's warmer, lighter, more flexible and better for the environment compared to traditional neoprene so you can feel great about your choice. 

  • Heavy-duty nylon 2-sided neoprene ensures comfort and durability.
  • Reinforced toe and heel provide protection against the elements.
  • Heavy-duty rubber anti-slip molded sole protects feet from sharp rocks and craggy surfaces.
  • Velcro zipper-end patch secures the side zipper when closed.