Guardian Full Face Mask

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Full Face mask diving is an epic way to dive! 

The initial benefits are obvious, but still surprising the first time you dive with one. 

You have a greater field of vision than a traditional mask, so you're more likely to spot that awesome fish as it swims by. Then, the large silicone skirt keeps your entire face dry, giving a warmer dive with no salt water in your eyes. 

And then comes the main revelation for most divers... you can breathe through your nose. Yep, that's right.. SCUBA diving while breathing through your nose. 

This design also has the extra benefit of being completely fog free. No fogging. Ever. 

Full face masks come complete with a specialised 2nd stage to attach to your regulator 1st stage. This means that, if you're looking at buying a new set of regs, by just picking up the 1st stage you can offset some of your costs for your new Full Face Mask!

There are a few full face masks on the market, but we've chosen to use the OTS Guardian mask as we believe it's the most complete package on the market. Crucially, the OTS Guardian Full Face Mask comes complete with a Ambient Breathing Valve. This simple twist valve allows you to breathe fresh, ambient air while at the surface so that you don't waste your cylinder air. But don't worry - this valve is a 'one way' so you won't get a surprise face full of water if you forget to close it before diving! Many other full face masks have this as an additional cost extra, so make sure before you buy! 

If you're new to Full Face Masks, then we can happily run the PADI Full Face Mask Diver course for you! Click here for more details. 

Tech Info
  • Soft 'double face' seal for comfort and a dry mask
  • Durable nylon buckles for that perfect fit
  • Ambient breathing valve comes as standard
  • Includes regulator 2nd stage
  • Comes with bag & hose.