Frameless HUD Mask

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SCUBAPRO's FRAMELESS HUD Mask is diving's original frameless mask modified to fit the new Galileo HUD Hands-Free Computer. The Galileo HUD Hands-Free Computer Frameless Mask offers a convenient integrated HUD adapter for secure placement of the dive computer. Its rectangular single lens shape is classic, providing clear field of view on the periphery as well as straight ahead.

There are very few pieces of gear that the word 'classic' can be used to describe, but the Scubapro Frameless mask is one of them! Scubapro invented frameless masks with this genius bit of kit and, as a testament to their design, it's still produced and is a best seller even today!

Why frameless? Simple, by removing the frame you end up with a mask that is lower profile, with a wider field of view and a lower volume that makes it super easy to clear. 

Tech Info
  • Frameless single-lens design provides an expansive field of view while reducing volume.
  • Soft silicone skirt uses a double-seal system for a comfortable, leak-proof fit.
  • Traditional buckles attach to the skirt, enabling the mask to be folded flat for traveling.
  • Wide headband allows for a comfortable fit against the back of the head.