New Everflex 7/5mm Semi Dry Wetsuit Mens

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This is the latest model everflex 7/5, with all the latest updates and upgrades! Are you finding that standard wetsuits just aren't keeping you warm enough? 

Semi-dry wetsuits are the next step up in thermal protection. Featuring glideskin seals on the wrists, ankles and around the neck area to dramatically reduce the amount of water flushing in and out of your suit, the Scubapro Everflex semi-dry range keeps you warmer for longer.

See, when you're diving water floods into your wetsuit, your body spends energy warming that water up, only for it to flush through with new cold water again. With a Semi-dry that doesn't happen! The vast majority of that toasty warm water that you've put your energy into stays inside the suit.

Add in Scubapro's unique Everflex neoprene for comfort and you have an epic wetsuit! This is the 7/5mm which is great for NZ diving, but there is a thinner 5/4mm also available. 

Plus, don't forget all Scubapro neoprene is made from "X-Foam"! X-Foam is a limestone based neoprene which is 100% petroleum free. It's warmer, lighter, more flexible and better for the environment compared to traditional neoprene so you can feel great about your choice. 

Tech Info
  • CE certified a Class A dive suit: rated for water temperatures ranging from 45ºF (7ºC ) to 54ºF (12ºC).
  • Made from 100% Everflex neoprene, an X-Foam formulation, for durability and better health.
  • Suit is assembled using a solvent-free water-based glue, a 100% green process.
    Multi-thickness panels deliver a superior combination of warmth and flexibility.
  • Innovative design delivers an improved fit. Pure Design Concept uses fewer seams and panels for maximum range of motion.
  • Double blind-stitched outer seams are durable and watertight, and single blind-stitched inner seams are comfortable against bare skin.
  • Diamond Span inner lining’s water-draining material enhances cold water protection. It is combined with a second lining for improved stretch, making donning and doffing that much easier.
  • Diagonal rear YKK zipper with KA brass slider offers increased long-term durability and ease of use. Compression-moulded zipper flap/spine pad reduces water entry and increases back protection.
  • Double zippered seals on ankles and wrists feature KA brass sliders for durability, water-tightness and ease of use. Small neck zipper enhances topside comfort.
  • Tatex knee and shoulder pads offer protection against abrasion.
  • Seat area is protected by an abrasion-resistant outside lining to increase durability and extend the life of the suit.
  • I-Safe straps on both arms offer non-slip mounting spots for securing wrist instruments.