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Diving is always better with friends, and what better way to make dive buddies than in your local dive club! 

The Waiheke Dive Club is designed to do just that - help you get in the water more often, make more dive buddies and have heaps of fun both in and out of the water!

Club membership is open to anyone who loves being in the water - snorkellers, freedivers or SCUBA divers!

Why join our club?

All members get the following great benefits;

  • Membership is FREE - a pretty simple and great reason!
  • Monthly dive social - Diving is a social sport, so let's grab a cheeky drink and chat about diving with a bunch of like minded divers! We switch it up, so sometimes we'll have a BBQ on the beach, head to the community cinema or enjoy some local live music! Our Club meets on the last Monday of each month!
  • Access to the club facebook group - This is where you can chat with other divers, make dive plans together, join in on upcoming activities!
  • Early access to National & international trips - Get first dibs on trips such as up to the Bay of Islands, The Poor Knights or overseas adventures! 
  • Exclusive Club special offers - we'll offer unique time limited specials purely for club members, to keep you stocked up in shiny toys, or increase your skills with a PADI Specialty course!

This sounds awesome! How do I join?!

To Join our club, simply add to your basket, fill in the details and we'll do the rest! Alternatively, you're more than welcome to come in store and join in person. 

You'll receive a welcome email with a link to the club facebook page, and then keep an eye out for upcoming events and activities!