Delta 3mm Short Boot

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A tropical beach dive, with those warm, blue, inviting waters. Marine life of all colours everywhere you look. A rocky entry and exit....

The Delta 3mm short boot is for when you need dive boots but don't really want them. The same flexible yet tough sole that you'll find on the full Delta 5mm boots, but with a short design and thin 3mm neoprene. Saves you from having to buy a set of full foot fins for travel too, as you can use your usual open heel ones!

Plus, don't forget all Scubapro neoprene is made from "X-Foam"! X-Foam is a limestone based neoprene which is 100% petroleum free. It's warmer, lighter, more flexible and better for the environment compared to traditional neoprene so you can feel great about your choice. 

  • Provides full-featured foot protection for warm-water diving.
  • Light comfort sole offers good protection without being stiff or heavy.
  • Can be comfortably worn with adjustable fins.
  • 3mm thickness with rubber sole for added comfort.
  • Slips on and off without zippers.