Aladin Tec 3G Wrist Computer

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Been thinking about doing deeper, longer dives? Perhaps you're eyeing those PADI Tec 40, 45 and 50 courses and planning some accelerated deco in the future? Well diver, meet the Scubapro Aladin Tec 3G! 

Using that tried and tested Aladin body, Scubapro has popped in a dive computer that has the smarts to be able to cope with gas switching up to 3 different nitrox mixes (21% to 100%). This is truely a dive computer that can stick with you as you progress your diving abilities and upscale those adventures! Previous computers in this model have been a huge hit with our staff, and have seen some pretty 'substantial' diving done safely with them. 

This particular variation is a wrist mounted computer, so you wear it like a rather large watch. Wrist computers are especially popular with divers who travel a lot, or those with a more technical diver interest as wrist mount is easily observed during your dive.

  • Three Gas Nitrox (21 to 100%) switching, so great for accelerated deco dives!

  • ZH-L8 ADT MB PMG algorithm for calculating your deco / no deco limits. 

  • Nitrox compatible (up to 50%) so perfect for recreational divers.

  • Backlight for night diving or dark water.

  • Visual and audible alarms to keep you alerted.

  • Safety stop timer keeps you informed during your stop.

  • User replaceable battery, so no horrors about your computer going flat in some far flung dive location!

  • 25 hours of dive log storage so you won't lose your dives if you forget your logbook!