Aladin Sport Triple Computer Console

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Who likes a bit of bling? The Scubapro Aladin Sport is a tier up from the entry level Aladin One dive computer. The massive difference here is.... the computer has a metal faceplate rather than plastic. Yep. That's it. Otherwise the features are identical.

So, if you need more durability for your dive computer, or have a soft spot for shiny things then this is a great choice. If not, we recommend going for the cheaper Aladin One and using the difference to grab yourself some other toys!

This particular variation comes as a triple console and includes a clear, easy to read SPG and the Scubapro FS1.5 compass. 

  • Nitrox compatible (up to 50%) so perfect for recreational divers.

  • Backlight for night diving or dark water.

  • Visual and audible alarms to keep you alerted.

  • Safety stop timer keeps you informed during your stop.

  • User replaceable battery, so no horrors about your computer going flat in some far flung dive location!

  • 25 hours of dive log storage so you won't lose your dives if you forget your logbook!

  • SPG reads up to 300 BAR, so compatible with all cylinders you'll be using.

  • SPG and compass have a fluro coating so that, if you shine your dive torch on them, they'll glow in the dark! Perfect for night dives.

  • Southern Hemisphere FS 1.5 Compass (yes, they are different)!

  • Includes High Pressure hose.