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Advanced Open Water Essentials Package

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Becoming an Advanced diver is a achievement that many divers aspire to. If you're taking that next step as a diver soon, then grab those essentials that you need while making a saving with our Advanced Essentials Packages!

PADI standards state that all divers on a PADI Advanced Open Water must have a dive knife / tool, a compass and a dive computer (or timing device and PADI tables). If you're completing your course with us, and hiring your gear then you're in luck! All of our regulators have a dive computer included. 

Package Contents

Pro Dive Mid Sized Knife - A solid, reliable dive knife that won't break the bank!

If you're expecting to put your knife through regular work, then a mid sized blade like this Pro Dive Mid Sized Knife would be spot on. 

With a blade length of 110mm and 420 stainless steel, this is a great all rounder. Available in pointy or blunt versions! 

*note - 1 knife only is included, multiples shown for illustration!

Safety Sausage - An essential for every diver. Added safety, simply and cheaply!

The good old Safety Sausage is one of those pieces of kit that every diver should have. For just a few dollars, you have a piece of safety equipment that can make a real difference if you surface away from the boat for any reason, or need to get attention while you're in the water. 

Simply unroll the sausage, hold the open end under the water and inflate using one of your regulators. Once it's full, hold the open end tight and you have a 1m tall, bright orange, signalling device! 

Pro Dive Torch - Torches make every dive better, and are perfect for the Advanced Open Water diver to bring back the light and colour that we lose with depth!

This torch features a full aluminium body; 200 lumens output; 150m depth rating; and three hours burn time. Runs on 2 x C cell batteries (not included).

Wrist CompassWrist compass' make the job of underwater navigation so much easier, and this entry level model gets the job done without major expense! 

  • Stabilisation system, designed specifically for Southern Hemisphere use.
  • Compass Increments of 5 degrees.
  • Side read window.
  • High strength magnets give fast, positive response.
  • Double red highly visible lubber line for top-reading accuracy.
  • Abrasion resistant bezel.
  • Bezel rotates 360 degree.
  • 80M max depth rating