Fourth Element

5mm Gloves

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The 5mm gloves offer the warmth and comfort comparable only to thicker traditional gloves.

Features include: stretch neoprene for fit and comfort, and a Thermoflex lining for warmth, sealed seams to minimise water ingress, easy donning minimalist design, and a carbonite finish for grip and durability.

The secret to a great dive can be as simple as having warm hands and the dexterity to be able to use your camera or feel your valves for a shutdown.

Fourth Element’s 3mm and 5mm wet gloves use stretch neoprene with glued, stitched and welded seams to give a close fit that almost eliminates the entry of water, whilst maximising flexibility and warmth. The carbonite print on the outside of the glove provides good grip and improved durability.

Size Chart

To size your gloves, measure the circumference of your palm (all the way around), at the widest point.  

 Size Measurement 
XS 19-21cm
S 20-22cm
M 21-23cm
L 22-24cm
XL 23-25cm