Servicing & Fills

We can happily arrange for the servicing of all your dive gear, and the testing of your cylinders. 


Most brands recommend that you service your gear every 12 months. The top quality gear that we sell here from Scubapro have a longer service interval, of 2 years with a check & tune recommended between.

For all gear, we suggest getting in touch to discuss your equipment or let us take a look to give you a more accurate cost with no commitment. We'll always get in touch with you if your service costs look like they're getting substantial, to make sure you're happy to continue or offer you alternative options.

Regs - With your regs, you have 2 options:

  • Check & Tune - A check and tune is when your regs are given a 'once over' to check that they have no superficial damage, no hoses or mouthpieces that need replacing and no obvious faults. This is not intended to replace a full service - think of it more as a 'once over' from an experienced set of eyes. For this, we charge $50, excluding any consumables such as mouthpieces that might be needed
  • Full Service - A full service is when your service technician dismantles your regulators, cleans all the individual parts internally and externally, examines all the components for any damage or wear and then re-builds them with brand new o-rings, seats, seals and lubricant. The cost of a full service varies from brand to brand, but as a ball park you should expect $100 in labour plus the cost of service kits for each stage. Any parts not included in a service kit, or consumables such as hoses, are extra.

BCDs - We are happy to give your BCD a check & tune for you, just as we would for regs. Your BCD is pressure tested, the inflator is tested to ensure it's functioning correctly and the dumps are cleaned.

  • We charge $30 for a BCD Check & Tune. If your Inflator is sticking, then there is some additional work required - we'll discuss options with you if it comes up.

Dive Computers - we can change the batteries in all popular dive computers for you. Some models, generally those that are 'puck' style like the Scubapro Aladdin One can be changed in house, but some, particularly wristwatch style, do need sending away to the manufacturer for service. 

  • 'puck' style battery changes are usually around $35 including the battery
  • computers that need returning to manufacturer vary wildly - please get in touch to discuss 

Tank Testing - Here in New Zealand, diving cylinders need a Hydrostatic test every 2 years and must also be visually inspected every year by a certified technician. Cylinder testing is conducted in accordance with New Zealand Standards. We can happily arrange this for you, but please note that testing is done on the mainland which can mean a long turn around time. A faster service may be available, but this would incur courier costs. 

  • Hydro & Visual test, including air fill - $60
  • Visual test, including air fill - $40

Air Fills - We have a shiny, brand new, Bauer compressor that we use for our air fills here on Waiheke. Our air is purity tested, as per NZ standards, every 90 days so you can be assured of high quality and safe air!

We're more than happy to fill your dive cylinders, and can offer a 'while you wait' service. Cylinders must be in test or else they will not be filled. No exceptions! 

  • We charge $10 for a fill, regardless of cylinder size.