PADI Medical Form


If you're coming on a SCUBA diving activity with us - wether that's for a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience, a PADI Open Water Course or a Dive Trip, then you must check The Diver Medical Form before the activity starts and before you activate your e-learning codes (if on a full course).

This medical form may highlight any potential issues that would prevent you from engaging in SCUBA activities, and must be checked & completed before any in water session of your activity.

Please complete the form accurately and honestly. If you answer 'yes' to any of the questions, then you must take the form and attend your G.P and get a formal written clearance to dive on the medical form. If you answer all 'no' then you do not need to see your GP, and we can complete the form on the first day of your activity. 

Failure to do so before the activity starts could see you being unable to dive and, as such, forfeiting your booking without refund.

Click here to view the medical form


 Please take a moment to check the health statement of the snorkelling liability release form found here. If you are suffering from any of the health conditions as mentioned on this document, or have any health concerns that you feel may affect your ability to come snorkelling with us then you must see your GP and get a letter of clearance for snorkelling.

Failure to do so before your activity starts could see you being unable to take part and, as such, forfeiting your booking with no refund.