Dive Dollar Rewards

We wanted to show our appreciation to our awesome adventurers (that's you by the way) so we've designed our "Dive Dollars" rewards program!

It's our way of rewarding you for shopping and diving with us. It's simple and just makes sense.

What is a Dive Dollar?!

A Dive Dollar is our name for a reward point. 

How do I get Dive Dollars?!

There's a few simple ways for you to earn Dive Dollars;

  • Buy gear & Book adventures - you get 1 Dive Dollar per 'real' dollar you spend, on every purchase you make. Dive or snorkel gear, PADI courses, trips, even air fills - get those rewards! 
  • Become a member - sign up for rewards and we give you an epic 100 (!) Dive Dollar bonus to say "chur"! That's worth a $5 discount voucher right from the start!
  • Do the Social Thing - like us on Facebook and / or Instagram and we'll give you 50 bonus Dive Dollars for each one.
  • Have a Birthday - we'll give you some bonus Dive Dollars on your birthday too!

What do I do with my Dive Dollars?!

Spend them! As you build up your Dive Dollars balance, you'll reach stages where you can trade them in for real rewards, like a discount voucher or free shipping. 

  • 100 Dive Dollars can be redeemed for a $5 discount voucher!

    Your Dive Dollars can be 'stacked', so 200 gets you a $10 voucher, and so on too.Your vouchers can then be redeemed on any order with a total value of $100 or more. 

But wait... there's more! Let's talk about referrals!

If you've had an awesome experience with us, and want to refer your mates / family / whānau then we'd really appreciate that. In fact, we'd appreciate it so much that if you make a referral;

  • Your recipient gets a voucher for a $10 discount on a spend of $50 or more!
  • You'll get a voucher for a $10 discount on a spend of $50 or more too, once the recipient has made their first purchase!

So now what?! I want those points and to refer my mates! 

Just click the "rewards" button on the bottom left of this page, sign up or sign in if you already have an account with us, and start collecting your rewards and referring people. It's that simple. 

I want to ask more things!

No worries - just click through to our contact us page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

*Please note, from time to time we may tweak or change the rewards program, so please check this page for the latest details.