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Rescue Diver Essentials Package

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Packages are a great way yo grab yourself that essential dive gear while saving a few dollars at the same time! 

As a PADI Rescue Diver you'll need a few new safety tools for your diving, so we've put together a package for you!

Package Contents

DSMBIncrease your safety in the water with a DSMB.

These buoys are designed to be used in conjunction with a reel or finger spool to allow you to send up a marker buoy from underwater. This is ideal to give everyone on the surface an indication of where you are and massively increases your safety when ascending back to the surface. 

It's inflated by purging a regulator into the open end of the buoy. The unique self-closing duckbill valve forms an airtight seal immediately on inflation, preventing the buoy from accidentally deflating on the surface.There is also an oral inflation valve which allows the buoy to be blown up manually and also allows controlled deflation of the buoy without using the dump valve.

An over-pressure/dump valve prevents the buoy from being over-inflated and potentially damaging the seams. It also allows easy deflation after use.
This SMB is fitted with snap bolt for attaching the buoy to a line.

Available in yellow or orange. A reflective pannel at the top of the buoy adds extra visibility. If you're unsure about colours, then we recommend going for an orange - in some locations and situations the yellow is seen as a 'emergency' signal. 

SpoolThis 30m spool is a simple and user friendly way of using and deploying line underwater. Comes complete with a brass snap and a tough plastic spool.

Pocket Mask - The pocket mask is a trusty solution for emergency use. 

Creating an effective barrier between the patient and the individual giving rescue breaths, this reduces the possibility of fluid transfer. Also comes with a port for attaching to your o2 kit for use in a diving emergency.

Comes with a hard case for storage and protection. 

Colours may vary.