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The PADI Rescue Diver course has a reputation as being a difficult course that's only for really experienced divers. Well, you know what? That's just plain wrong! 

 PADI Rescue Diver Course can also be run on demand, so please get in touch if you're interested in taking this Course and your preferred date isn't shown!

What happens?

The PADI Rescue Diver course gives you skills that are extremely important for an active diver. Over a weekend, you'll learn how to perform rescues both underwater and on the surface. You'll learn about incident management but, most importantly, you'll learn skills to help prevent these accidents happening in the first place! 

The Rescue Diver course teaches you all these things and so much more. Yes, the course is challenging - it's supposed to be, as it'll encourage you to become a more aware, thinking diver who's able to respond effectively. But it's certainly not a course that's only for the grizzled old sea dogs out there!

 You have some digital learning to complete before the course starts through the brand new PADI E-learning program. This is an awesome, interactive learning platform that is then perfectly complimented by in-person teaching by your Instructor. 

If you have a buddy that's booked on too then awesome! If not you'll be buddied up with another course mate for the duration of the course. 

We hope you'll choose us to get your PADI Rescue Diver! If you have any questions or specific requirements just let us know and we'll happily answer them all for you. 

Why explore with us?
  • Small groups - no more than 4 students to 1 Instructor so you get more Instructor time for the best learning environment and more time exploring during your dives!
  • No hidden costs - your PADI registration and materials are included in the price, so no surprises!
  • Full PADI e-learning - You complete your theory from home, at a pace that suits you. But don't worry, we know how important asking questions are so your course includes additional theory revision sessions with your Instructor.
  • Top quality gear - Scubapro dive equipment for you to use throughout your course for your comfort and safety if you choose to hire, or you're welcome to use your own!

Simply book online, and soon after you'll get a confirmation email from the team along with some specific info, such as meeting times and locations. 

You'll need to let us know some of your sizes so that we can allocate gear if you need any (at an additional hire fee).

You must have checked through the medical form and obtained medical clearance (only required if you need to answer "yes" to one or more of the questions) before your activity starts, or else you won't be able to take part. Click here to download the PADI Medical Form.

You also must complete the appropriate liability release forms - we'll do these in store.

Also, while we can supply materials in a variety of languages, the course is taught in English so a good level of spoken English is also required.

Please note that for the Rescue Diver courses our minimum age is 14 and we need in person, signed paperwork from a parent or guardian, for anyone under 18. We can arrange, on request, courses for younger divers, but as these are at a reduced ratio please be aware there may be an additional cost.