Guided Snorkelling Tour Gift Voucher

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This item is for a Gift Voucher for a Guided Snorkelling Tour! 

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Treat the adventurer in your life to a Gift Voucher! 

Vouchers are always awesome - the lucky recipient can get exactly what they want, and you know that you've helped make their fun time even more epic! 

Even more importantly - our gift vouchers don't have an expiry date! Why? Because expiries on gift vouchers suck! 

In the event there is a price increase then the voucher holder is responsible for the difference between the value of the voucher and the course fee. It's the only way we can promise to not have an expiry date :D 

*The recipient does need to make sure they keep track of the code - without the code the voucher can't be used! 

What you get

When you order a gift voucher from us you will receive the following;

  • A beautifully printed personalised gift voucher couriered to your delivery address. The voucher will have a unique code that can be used in store or online, to the value of your gift. 
  • Where possible (stock depending) we also pop some awesome SCUBA diving magazines in the package too, making sure your lucky recipient has the chance to get even more excited!