Emergency Oxygen Provider Course

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PADI Specialty courses are run on demand, so please get in touch if you're interested in taking this specialty!

All divers know that Oxygen, or O2, is the standard first aid treatment for a diving emergency. But how many know how to safely provide that o2, and which delivery method is best for different types of injured diver?

The PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course is designed to teach you just that. This course, while super popular with divers, is designed for anyone to take it. Perhaps your better half would like to come along, or even your family, so that in the event of an incident you're prepared to deal with it.

  • Small groups - no more than 4 students to 1 Instructor so you get more Instructor time for the best learning environment!
  • No hidden costs - so no surprises!
  • Top quality gear - Brand new Oxygen Provider equipment for you to use throughout your course for your comfort and safety! 
What happens?

The Emergency Oxygen Provider course consists of theory, discussion and hands on practice with a real O2 kit. You'll even get your non-rebreather mask to keep and take home!

If you have a buddy that's booked on too then awesome! If not you'll be buddied up with another course mate for the duration of the course. 

We hope you'll choose us to get your PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider! If you have any questions or specific requirements just let us know and we'll happily answer them all for you. 

Why explore with us?

We believe that your learning experience should be as fun and accessible as possible. That's why you'll find our courses have the FULL PADI e-learning as standard where available, meaning you get to cover the theory at your own pace before the course starts. But, don't worry - we know that Instructor time is essential to your learning which is exactly why we build in a theory revision session too, so you can ask us anything you like in person! Best of both worlds! 

So with us you get small groups, quality Instruction, full e-learning, no hidden costs and top brand name equipment. 


Simply book online, and soon after you'll get a confirmation email from the team along with some specific info, such as meeting times and locations.

Also, while we can supply materials in a variety of languages, the course is taught in English so a good level of spoken English is also required.

Please note that for this course our minimum age is 10 and we need in person, signed paperwork from a parent or guardian for anyone under 18.