BCD Accessory Kit

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Something that we get asked quite often is "what accessories do I need to go with all my awesome new dive gear?". What you'll hear us say most often is that you need a dive knife that's compact and easily attached to your BCD, a torch (yes even in the daytime as it'll bring all the colour back underwater and make everything look awesome) and a little retractor to stop you from losing that lovely torch. 

Seems that the folks over at Scubapro were secretly listening in here at Waiheke Dive HQ and have come up with a sweet package with exactly that in! A great gift for a diver pal, or the perfect way to get those essentials in one little package. 

Package Contents
  • Scubapro Nova 200 LED dive torch - just the right balance between blazing power and battery life for an every day dive light. 
  • Scubapro White Tip BCD Knife - this compact knife is great for emergency use, cutting line and the like.
  • Scubapro retractor - attaches to your BCD and whatever you like (we suggest that shiny torch!) to let you use your accessories safe in the knowledge that they won't plunge into the abyss if you let them go.
  • Scubapro BCD and hose fitting kit for the White Tip knife - lets you mount your knife in a convenient place so that you won't forget it, while remaining in easy reach.