Quantum SLS BCD

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The Mares Quantum SLS BCD is like an old friend, but one that's had a few upgrades!

This is the start of a new generation of BCDs from Mares. Taking all the positives that come with a 'traditional' BCD, such as comfort, storage and familiarity while adding a bunch of new features that make a massive difference to usability. Little touches like swivel shoulder buckles increase comfort, while thanks to some clever design from Mares you can even bolt in a twinset!

  • Monoplate backpack fits single or twin tanks
  • Swivel buckles and D-ring attachment on side lobe
  • SLS weight system
  • Visual confirmation of proper weight pouch insertion
  • Personalization label on weight pouches
  • Stretch cargo pockets
  • High flow rate inflator connection
  • Openings on side lobes for hose storage
  • Trim weight pockets