Infrared Download Accessory

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The Scubapro IRDA allows easy transfer of your dive log and history into it's desktop based LogTRAK software. 

Compatible with the following dive computers:

  • Aladin One, Aladin Prime, Aladin TEC, Aladin TEC 2G, Aladin 2G, Aladin SPORT, Aladin TEC-3G, Aladin TEC-3H.
  • Galileo SOL, Galileo TERRA, Galileo LUNA.
  • Smart Pro, Smart COM, Smart TEC, Smart Z.

Computer Compatibility:

  • MacOSx.
  • Windows platforms (98, 2000, XP, VISTA, Windows 7).Drivers Supplied with device.
  • Windows 8. Download drivers from this page.
  • Windows 10:
    • 1. Please ensure all previous versions of the Windows driver have been uninstalled.
    • 2. Please ensure that at least version 1607 of Window 10 is installed on your PC.
    • 3. Connect your IRDA device to your PC, the driver is automatically retrieved & installed by Windows 10 when the device is used for the first time.